Represent: The Mysteries of Pittsburgh- Michael Chabon

After turning the last page of this book, I’m uncertain whether I actually enjoyed it or not. I feel like I’ve learnt nothing whatsoever about the state of Pennsylvania or why this book represents it. Micheal Chabon wrote this book as his first novel whilst studying creative writing at university. Unknowingly to him, his professor sent off the manuscript to a publisher and it became an instant bestseller receiving raving reviews from numerous sources.

The story is a varied one to say the least. It unfolds during a single summer in the city of Pittsburgh within a group of friends. It’s a tale of sexual exploration, the world of organized crime, developing friendships & family relationships. I admire the language Chabon uses, lots of fantastic description and Imagery but sometimes I found myself reading sentences twice, not fully understanding their meaning. In spite of my first experience with Michael Chabon’s writing, I won’t let this put me off reading his other works! 

Most Read: Stuck in Downward Dog- Chantel Simmons

I have an amazing library near my house where I’ve managed to find all my books for this project so far. If they don’t have it, they’ll order it in from another library in the area who does.  This book however wasn’t anywhere to be found on their system which I found disconcerting. Was it really that bad? 3 days and $6 later it arrives from Amazon and It’s time to find out. 

I polished off this book in 2 afternoons whilst trying to escape the heat in front of our fan. I’d call it a chick flick of the book world, a holiday novel, an easy read. Mara gets dumped by her boyfriend, lives in shitty basement apartment & hates her receptionist job. She decides to become more like her best friends and sister who according to her, lead the perfect lives. Husbands, kids, beautiful houses, successful careers, sexy bodies etc. Of course not is all as it seems and throughout the story this becomes apparent to Mara and the reader. Loosely based on yoga (how the book gets it’s name), she comes to realise her true potential and by the end of the book almost everything has fallen into place. 

The reviews online are a tad savage but I can’t help thinking- what did you expect from a book like this? It’s obviously chick lit (a new term I’ve just discovered!) from the synopsis. I never expect much from this type of book apart from it being a nice, easy read to zone out with.