Zucker’s Bagels & Smoked Fish- Tribeca, NYC

The Zucker’s Traditional $10.95
Everything & Pumpernickel Bagels, Nova Scotia Salmon, Plain Cream Cheese, Beefsteak Tomatoes, Red Onions & Capers.

After attending yet another office to get some paperwork done, we were in dire need of a bagel. Today I had my food buddy & SO with me, Sahar, who searched for a recommended place nearby to avoid using the subway on an extra hot day.

Zucker’s has a long time established look to it considering it’s only been in business since 1994.  Industrial decor, white subway tiles and neatly piled goodies. It proudly promotes it’s traditional methods of hand rolling and kettle-boiling as It’s slogan. This seems to be working as they have 3 locations around NYC, came in at number 10 in a ‘Time Out’ article about where to find the top 20 best bagels in the city and were absolutely rammed at 12.30 on a Tuesday afternoon.

19 varieties of bagel, 9 types of cream cheese and 10 signature sandwiches to chose from- It was like making an important life decision instead of choosing lunch! Not to mention they do catering & have a full deli counter offering 13 types of Salmon from around the world, salads, cheeses, sides and more.

The service was a little slow considering how many staff members were behind the counter, we were not even acknowledged for a good 2 minutes. Despite the slow start, our bagels appeared in less than a minute, toasted n’all, ready for devouring. And how quickly they were devoured, outstanding. Just toasted enough but not too much & just enough filling not to get in a mess. 

If you find big menu’s intimidating, don’t come here but If you know what you like & you’re prepared to wait then this place is awesome.

146 Chambers St, New York, NY 10007