Hot Bagels Abroad- Montclair, NJ

The Cream Cheese & Lox Weekend Special $5.75 
Everything & Rye Bagel with Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Red Onion & Tomato.

Bagels Abroad was recommended to us by one of Sahar’s colleagues who has lived in the area for a while. It’s hard to make the decision early on a Saturday morning where to get breakfast from as there’s so much choice. First world problems- I know…

Compared to the other places we’ve visited, it’s more of a ‘get your bagel and go’ kinda set-up.  The service was quick and without a smile but not in an unfriendly way- there was a team of 9 men that we managed to count but honestly they were moving so fast it was hard to keep up!

This outfit is obviously a weekend go to for a lot of people with a queue almost trailing out the door. A carousel of consumer’s arriving empty handed and leaving clutching brown paper bags. A board of ‘weekend specials’ was propped up against the counter, barely visible through customers legs but we glimpsed the deal for $14 you take home 1/4lb of Lox, 1/2lb of cream cheese & 6 bagels, the ultimate DIY breakfast for when you have guests over. 

Sahar chose to be unruly, ordering a Rye bagel instead of his normal Pumpernickel. It was glossy & frankly quite beautiful but not beautiful enough not to eat! (right side of the top photo) The bagels were light, so light and for this reason, easy to eat. Only thing missing was the capers, but they just fall out and roll away most of the time anyway. We can’t wait to return here to try other bagels & to sample the neatly presented orbs of cream cheese in the deli counter. This place may even become our local bagel go to! 

150 Valley Road, Montclair, New Jersey, 07042