Cafe Panino Mucho Giusto- Greenwich Village, NYC

Salmon Special $10 
Toasted onion bagel with cream cheese, Scottish Smoked Salmon, Tomato, Capers & Onion. 

I was on my way to Washington Square when I found this cafe in amongst the leafy avenues of Greenwich Village. Benches outside, a few plants, people sipping lemonade under the shade of the swaying red awning. Originally I had walked past but returned thinking this would be a great place to start my ‘bagel research’.

The minute I walked through the door I could tell there was a friendly atmosphere & a personality to this setup. I was greeted warmly by the man behind the counter and throughout my stay he addressed people by name-a real locals place. It had a comfortable lounge like feel; cushions spread around, worn wicker chairs and handwritten menu boards hanging above the coffee machine. All the bright window seats were taken so I sat in the back by the kitchen’s constantly swinging doors, some might find this irritating but I think it added to the bustle of the mornings service. 

As for the main event- the bagel, It was filling that’s for sure! I ended up taking half of it away with me to eat later on. The actual bagel was slightly burnt but not enough for me to get the server’s attention, a little too much cream cheese but very generous on the salmon. I got there too late to enjoy my standard ‘everything’ bagel but onion was a nice change.

I would recommend this place for the vibe, the friendly staff members and would return to try other things on the mainly Italian menu.

553 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014