Represent: Carrie- Stephen King

A while ago we tried to watch the original film adaptation of this book and turned it off within 5 minutes. To be fair, the quality was awful but the main issue was that it just got too weird, too fast. Because of that, I approached reading this book with a largely negative attitude. Having never picked up any of Stephen King’s novels, I really couldn’t comprehend what I was in for. All I knew was that there were some very strange film versions and that his books were bestsellers internationally, so I must be missing something. 

‘Carrie’ was King’s fourth book but the first one to be published. He actually threw the first draft into the bin before his wife encouraged him to continue and to develop it into a novel. I was pleasantly surprised to find I not only enjoyed King’s style of writing but even the freaky, supernatural story line. This small book certainly packs a punch, King doesn’t waste a minute dishing out graphic, uncomfortable scenes and provides an initial glimpse of the tragedy to come. 

Set in a small town in Maine, we hear from 3 separate narrators about how certain circumstances led up to the eventual destruction of almost a whole community and everyone residing in it. We discover the oddity’s of Carrie’s upbringing, incidents at school with her peers and about the development of her telekinetic powers.  At a stretch, you could say this is a really (really) warped ‘coming of age’ story.

My only problem is, I struggle to see how this book portrays the state of Maine. Having not visited there yet, I can’t comment on what I think would be more appropriate, but I think a teenager with mind powers going crazy probably isn’t it! 

Most Read: Everything and the Moon- Julia Quinn

After going on, I am sufficiently confident that it’s not just me who hated this book. The story line was ridiculous, annoying characters were in abundance and predictable outcomes were the order of the day. Many of the reviews expressed disappointment in this novel, having expected more from an author they had previously enjoyed greatly. I’m not even going to waste my time writing about this book. Hopefully Maine chooses better books to read in the future!